After purchasing the NFT Baby Inu hero. You will receive a secret key that you need to keep in the personal account of the game and activate the character. You can activate several characters at the same time

Mint Sale starts Jan 28th, 2022 @11:30 AM EST

About Us

The economic game Baby Inu consists of NFT heroes who mine a certain amount of USDF tokens. The more expensive an NFT hero is, the more he can mine USDF tokens daily.

The advantages between NFT characters are that some characters can mine 10, 15, 200, and so on USDF tokens per day. Some can mine from 1000 tokens per day. But there are the most expensive NFTs that can mine 2000 tokens or more per day. The Baby Inu collection will be available soon v OpenSea.

Total :10000 Digital Baby Inu

Listing NFT Price $100

NFT Listing After Mint Complete

Enter NFT Quantity
Total Mint Price

0.01 BNB

- Max Per Transaction 20
- NFT Price 0.01 BNB
- NFT Name - Digital Baby Inu
- NFT symbol - DBI

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What is the total supply?

10000 Digital Baby Inu NFTs

How many DBI can be minted by 1 person?

Max 20 NFT

How much is it to mint a Digital Baby Inu?

Mint price 0.01 BNB + gas fee

Can I mint Digital Baby Inus on cellphone?

Yes, connect your wallet 👆🏻 and you can mintdirectly on our website 👆🏻

When can I mint?

Mint Sale starts Jan 28th, 2022 , Contract 0xdd768b229d58ddbea3c61e292f88ceb5845b969c

How to check my NFT?

After you mint, you can check in you metamask wallet.

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Brand Manager:
Head of Operations:
Sophie J