Usdf Digital

USDF is the Game token for the NFT Economic Game Baby Inu.

Listing Pancakeswap MAY.9.2022


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About USDF Digital

What is USDF and what is Baby Inu game

USDF is the token for the economic NFT game Baby Inu. At the moment, a free distribution of tokens is being carried out in order to recruit our army of holders.

What is Baby Inu NFT game: The Baby Inu NFT game is a rare NFT collection of 10,000 Baby Inu tokens. Each NFT token has its own advantage. After opening the game, by purchasing an NFT token from OpenSea, you will receive a secret key that activates NFT in your personal account in the game. Each NFT character mines a certain amount of USDF tokens daily until you sell your NFT to OpenSea. The more USDF tokens a certain NFT character mines, the higher the cost in OpenSea.

The value of the USDF token will eventually grow from $ 0.3 to $ 15 for one USDF token, thanks to the development and scaling of the economic NFT game Baby Inu. We wish you all the best in your future project.


Road Map

Basic USDF Token Roadmap for Baby Inu Economic NFT Game.

December 2021
Smart Contract
  • Deploying a smart contract
  • Creation of a smart gaming token
December 2021
USDF Digital main site launched.
  • A full description of the project.
  • Information about the token and, about the economic NFT game Baby Inu.
December 2021
Free USDF Airdrop Launch
  • Launch of a free USDF token Airdrop
  • Pay the minimum commission, and get 100 USDF tokens for free
December 2021
  • 20% USDF token pre-sale launch
  • You can buy a minimum 1000 USD token for 0.01 bnb. Maximum buy 10 bnb for 1,000,000 USDF
Baby Inu website launch
  • The official website of the economic game
  • Launch of the official website of the economic game Baby Inu
December 2021
Burning tokens USDF
  • Pre-burning 45% of USDF tokens
  • 45% of tokens were burned. This is done so that the price of 1 USDF token after listing in the future, the price stabilizes to 0.1 $ for one USDF token.
December 2021
Launch of social networks.
  • Launching accounts in social networks
  • Twitter account, Telegram channel and group, Medium, YouTube channel, Facebook account.
January 2022
Launch of NFT collection Baby Inu for Opensea.
  • 10,000 NFT rare tokens will be launched.
  • The Baby Inu collection of 10,000 NFT tokens will be launched at Opensea.
January or february 2022
Launch of the official Baby Inu NFT game.
  • In the economic game Baby Inu, each NFT owner receives passive income daily from his NFT hero in the form of a USDF token. Different NFT characters will give different amounts of free USDF tokens daily.
MAY 9.2022
Listing Pancakeswap
  • 150.000.000 USDF tokens liquidity. Blocking liquidity for 100 years
  • 15% USDF tokens will be added to Pancakeswap liquidity. Preliminary price 1USDF = 0,5625 USD
May 2022
Listing Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko
  • Listing USDF token Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko
  • After listing, the price of the token receives a large PUMP and will stabilize for holders.